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Principles of Sharadha Devi

Like the proverbial ray of the full-moon, which reaching inside the shell of an oyster in the depths of the blue sea, is said to condense into an exquisite priceless pearl, so did divine grace descend into the noble Mukherjee family at Jairambati on that auspicious day-22nd December 1853-to condense into the immaculate gem, 'Sarada', who was to bless this world later as the divine consort of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Blessed became Jairambati, nay the whole Bharatvarsha; blessed became Indian womanhood receiving this priceless jewel; blessed was indeed became millions who called her 'Mother' and entered through her into the sanctum sanctorum of the Divine Mother. My prostrations unto her.

Why bother about this gem when we are in the midst of glittering artificial American diamonds of dazzling hues and brilliance? Of what relevance are Holy Mother's life and teachings to us in this new millennium of quantum mechanics, multimedia, universal fashion shows and globalised brutishness?

The answer lies in the very context of our assembling here. We are seated beside the universal temple of Sri Ramakrishna. 'Universal', that is the key that will open the human possibilities in the coming centuries. The time demands that we grow from the individual into the universal in every sense of the term. The call of the millennium is to expand our awareness, our vision, urging us to find new role models to model our lives and activities. We should strive to manifest the universal, the infinite, and the unlimited within us. Only then can we get rid of all the material mechanical fragmentations and troubles that torment us today, and manifest our true Divine Self. This was the call of Sri Ramakrishna, Vivekananda and Holy Mother. This should be the aim of education and of religion and this should also be accepted as the goal of life.

Only by unifying and universalizing our-selves can we recapture the vision of our Vedic seers and look at the world and proclaim that the - whole universe is one family-not a mere lip service but a realization at the heart level. This is the vision that made Swami Vivekananda address the Parliament of World religions in those soul-stirring words: "Sisters and Brothers of America." Contemplating on the life of Holy Mother makes it possible for us to unify and universalize our narrow little minds and to capture the glory of that vision.