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To prove these words and put into action, our organisation invlolves itself........

Future Plans

In order to provide further service in a wide manner, we have planned........


You can donate money to our organization in many ways........

Dr. Krishyogam Free Medical Center

Shiri Saradha Sakthi Peetam is proud of having inaugrated and running a medical care centre in their campus with the intension of providing free medical service and aid to all poor people.This medical centre is opened in the name of Dr. Krisyogam (U.S.A) who is one of our major donors.

To maintain the medical centre and to look after the patients two experienced doctors, two nurses and one watchman are being appointed. The expenditure in respect of salary works out to the tune of Rs.1,00,000/- per month. In addition, medicines for running the hospital are also required.

Under the above circumstances we have decided to create funds by way of opening fixed deposits from the contributions received from the donors and use the interest to meet medical expenditure and for the running of medical centre. Also we are planning to extend the construction work of the medical centre. We will accept even unused medicines and also contribution how ever small they may be to help the poor needy and destitute.