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To prove these words and put into action, our organisation invlolves itself........

Future Plans

In order to provide further service in a wide manner, we have planned........


You can donate money to our organization in many ways........

Creation of Permanent Endowment
(For the amount of Rs. 5000/- and above)

The following Endowment are created for the purpose noted against each, and donors desirous of creating an Endowment are requested to give a tick mark in the box provided.

The Endowment amounts will be put in Fixed Deposit in Indian Bank, West Tambaram and the interest earned from the amount will be utilised every year for the purpose the donor .has mentioned in the Endowment Form.

Pooja Endowment (Daily Worship of Baghawan Sri Ramakrishna) : Rs. 5,000/-
Creation of an Endowment for proViding Educational Expenses for one student every year : Rs. 10,000/-
Food Endowment
Creation of an Endowment for providing Break-fast once in a year : Rs. 10,000/-
Creation of an Endowment for providing Lunch once in a year : Rs. 15,000/-
Creation of an Endowment for proViding Dinner once in a Year : Rs. 10,000/-
Creation of an Endowment for proViding Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for one day : Rs. 35,000/-
Adoption scheme for one student permanently till he completes his education (Academic / Technical) : Rs. 50 O00/-
Higher Education Endowment
Shiri Saradha Sakthi Peetam Higher Education Endowment (Only for Higher Education like B.E, MBBS, Arts & Science (UG &PG), Diploma, Catering, etc.,) : Rs.1000/-
All the Donations May be Made by Crossed Cheques/Draft in Favour of "SHIRI SARADHA SAKTHI PEETAM"